14 Apps for Architects, Interior Designers & Homeowners

Architect Apps Main

Need to quickly calculate square footage, design a building digitally using its real-world setting, match an exact shade or sketch out an idea? There are apps for all of those things, whether you’re a casual homeowner looking to redecorate your living room or a professional architect. This collection of tools for iOS and Android mobile devices gives you easy access to all sorts of functions, wherever you may go.


Architect Apps Paper

The Paper app by FiftyThree, Inc. makes it easy to capture your ideas as sketches, diagrams, illustrations or notes and share them on the internet. It’s a simple and intuitive app built specifically for the iPad’s display. The company recently announced the introduction of a ‘pencil’ stylus that connects to the iPad via Bluetooth.

Graphisoft BIMx

Architect Apps BIMx

Available for both iOS and Android devices, BIMx is the ideal app for architects using the ArchiCAD program to present or share designs with clients and contractors.


Architect Apps MyPantone

Need mobile access to the entire Pantone catalog of colors? Check out myPANTONE, which includes over 13,000 Pantone colors and makes it easy to create and share color palettes.

Dream Home

Architect Apps Dream Home

Get inspired for interior design and home renovation projects with Dream Home HD, an app for iPHone and iPad that offers high-resolution photos in a wide range of design styles. Save your favorite images, share them with friends and upload your own.


Architect Apps PhotoSynth

The Photosynth app by Microsoft makes it easy to capture and share interactive panoramic images with not only left and right but also up and down, creating an entire sphere. That could be especially helpful when you’re assessing a building site or thinking about how to renovate or decorate an interior space.