14 Apps for Architects, Interior Designers & Homeowners

iHandy Carpenter

Architect Apps iHandy Carpenter
Homeowners who just need a simple, easily accessible collection of tools for things like hanging pictures and measuring furniture will appreciate this app, which includes a plumb bob for verifying the verticality of lines or walls, a surface level, a bubble level bar, a protractor and a ruler.

Autodesk Formit

Architect Apps Autodesk Formit

Use real-world site information to create 3D building design concepts anywhere you are, choosing from a gallery of shapes. Design directly in context, manipulate forms using gestures, and save designs to the cloud to share with others.

Architect’s Formulator

Architect Apps ARchitects Formulator

Whether you’re designing a deck, a swimming pool or a larger structure, an app like Architect’s Formulator could come in handy with over 400 formulas that perform calculations for thing like excavating soil, figuring out how many bricks are required for a wall, or determining wind load.

Home Sizer

Architect Apps Home Sizer

For new home designs or remodeling projects, Home Sizer allows you to enter the dimensions and name of each room to calculate the area and usable square footage. You can then use that info to estimate the value of existing homes or construction cost for new homes.

Color Capture

Architect Apps Color Capture

Looking for just the right colors for a design project? Instead of perusing hundreds of paint chips, look for inspiration in your daily environment, capture it and match it to a paint color with the Benjamin Moore Color Capture tool for iPhone and Android phones.