This Cradle Rocks: Basket Chair is All Kinds of Cozy

Everyone should have a comfortable space, a place where the stresses of the world can just melt away. For many, that space is a warm bed or a soft chair. Designer Richard Clarkson has created one of the most comfy places imaginable: a rocking chair reminiscent of a cradle.

Appropriately named Cradle, the chair offers a womb-like sense of security. A soft white pillow lines the curved wooden skeleton, providing a soft nest to melt into. Thanks to the configuration of the wooden spines, the chair rocks in a front-and-back motion rather than a side-to-side one.

The gentle motion of the rocker would be enough to put anyone to sleep. Just add a nice, warm blanket and you would be off to dreamland in no time.

According to the designer, the chair is meant to counteract the overstimulation of the senses that so many of us encounter in our everyday lives.

From a dependence on social media to the constant presence of phones, TVs and computers, we are being constantly bombarded with information.

The Cradle chair provides a comforting way to escape and decompress from all of that, wrapping you in a warm and secure space.

The only possible improvement on the design would be some sort of covering over the chair’s opening, allowing users to completely turn off the outside world and simply melt into the womb-like movements and sense of safety.