Stay High: 3-Story Container Apartment Built into a Crane in Amsterdam

Transformed into a compact three-story apartment, a decommissioned 1957 crane overlooking Amsterdam’s IJ River from a former industrial harbor now offers tourists a highly unusual vantage point of the city. It’s the lone survivor of a mass demolition of old cranes that once stood on KNSM Island, and hasn’t been in active use since 1979, when container transport made it obsolete. It stood as a sort of curiosity for decades before Dutch designer Edward van Vliet renovated it into a luxurious residence with a homey yet fittingly industrial feel.

Now operated by Yays, a vacation rental service offering concierge-serviced boutique apartments in historical buildings, ‘The Crane Apartment’ is certainly unique. Three stacked shipping containers are built into the body of the crane, with the lowest containing the living area, kitchen and dining area, the middle containing a bedroom and bathroom with a spacious tub, and the top level containing a second bedroom with panoramic views of the river.

The 430-square-foot apartment offers more than just a place to stay and spectacular views of the city; guests have access to meal deliveries, airport pickup, aforementioned access to a concierge and even coffee delivery. Leave the baby at home, however; the rental is said to be ‘not safe or suitable for infants (under 2 years.)’ It sleeps up to four guests and costs around $880 per night via AirBNB.