Dramatic ‘Elastica’ Residence: The House of the Future is Here

elastica house 1

Looking like the set of a sci-fi film, the ultramodern ‘Elastica’ residence in Bangalore, India is pretty much what we all imagined our houses would look like by the time we became adults. It’s a little bit Jetsons, a little bit rock n’ roll, and a whole lot different from the decidedly unfuturistic houses most of us still occupy in the year 2016. Inside, there are virtually no straight walls, with undulating white surfaces stretching around the space, and what looks like a translucent cylindrical elevator reminiscent of the ‘Orgasmatron’ machine in the 1973 film Sleeper standing at its center.

elastica house 2

elastica house 3

elastica house 11

Cadence Architects conceived the house as a continuous loop rising from the ground, with large open spaces providing sight lines from the upper floors to the living space on the lowest level. Made of acrylic and ferroconcrete, the walls and floors flow like liquid in sculptural curves, occasionally stretching out to become built-in furniture like a cantilevered kitchen island. In the bedroom, a black acrylic base cradles a circular mattress like a gigantic soap dish, matching the marbled floor.

elastica house 4

elastica house 10

elastica house 7

elastica house 8

A minimalist black and white palette keeps all the attention on those curves and gives the interiors the air of a spaceship, accented with strips of LED lighting and furniture that appears to have been custom-made to match the scheme. A pod-like children’s bed looks like something you might wake up in after traveling for light years on an intergalactic journey, and a home cinema amplifies the outer space effect with starry lighting and a molded, carpeted floor shaped like a landscape with comfy hills and planes to lay on.

elastica house 6

elastica house 5

elastica house 9

The facade of the home is glazed on every level except the middle one, which is sheltered by a modern interpretation of the traditional brise-soleil, a perforated screen that filters direct sunlight. The ground and top floors feature Astroturfed terraces, the highest of which looks out onto the more conventional architecture of the neighborhood. Some of the design touches throughout are strange in an otherworldly sort of way, and certainly not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a cool example of architects getting creative with residential designs.