Special Delivery: 54 Amazing & Unusual Mailbox Designs

Have you ever thought about what your mailbox says about you? A standard box can say that you like to play by the rules, or that you just don’t pay much attention to things like that and Locking Mailboxes could suggest you are a person of security. But an offbeat custom mailbox can reflect your personality and let people – or at least your mail carrier – know a little about you. These mailbox designs are weird, unique, and a little bit crazy.

These mailboxes were all photographed by the community at Waymarking. Members search out the most interesting mailboxes and, as long as they’re homemade or heavily modified (not hardware-shop standard), post them to share with everyone. They’ve captured some of the most amusing and amazing mail boxes from all around the world.

Some mailboxes clearly show that the owners are interested in a particular hobby or pastime. Whether it’s snorkeling, fishing, photography or tinkering with cars, you can bet that some creative mail receiver has made a clever mailbox to display their passion in a particular activity.

People love their vehicles – whether they drive a Harley, a hot rod, or a John Deere tractor. These clever mailboxes display a decidedly motor-driven slant to the homeowners’ tastes.

For many of us, animals are an important part of life. They provide companionship and stress relief, and often they entertain us like nothing else can. These mailbox modders have taken their love of animals to a weird new place by creating mailboxes that look like their favorite animals.

While some are hilarious, others are simply works of art. Animal-themed mailboxes – and any custom mailboxes – can run the range from extremely simple to very complicated. The best ones seem to be those that the owner has put many hours of thought and work into.

Businesses wouldn’t let homeowners have all the fun, though – these mailboxes are all in front of businesses, and they all reflect the type of business that’s carried on inside. Clockwise from top left, the owners of these fine mailboxes are: a chiropractor’s office, a plumber, a BBQ restaurant, and a waste management company.

Businesses who pay attention to little things about their customers’ experience would do well to include little touches like these. The whimsical mailbox in front of the company’s building may just help that business to stick out in customers’ minds. The businesses associated with these mailboxes, clockwise from top left: a dog groomer, an auto repair shop, a dentist, and a beverage outlet.

If you find yourself with a nearly-useless piece of junk in your house, think twice about throwing it away. These enterprising homeowners used the most unlikely of materials to create their own distinctive, personalized mailboxes.

It’s amazing what can be used to receive mail. These homeowners used everything from old lawnmowers to a drill press to an old gas pump and even more unusual recycled materials. This type of upcycling lets homeowners reduce waste while creating an unforgettable feature for their home.

Some people choose to show off their artistic skills by making an artsy mailbox. There’s virtually no limit to what one can do with a mailbox, a pole, and some imagination. A Ned Kelly effigy would seem like an unlikely mailbox, as would a scary tiki, but their unexpectedness is what makes them so delightful.

(all images via: Waymarking)

Of course, weird mailboxes don’t always have to have a reason. They can be as silly and as offbeat as you want them to be. Unless, of course, you’re dealing with a homeowners’ association – then you’ll have to convince them that having a spaceship mailbox is somehow in the best interest of the entire neighborhood.