Snow Calligraphy: Reverse Graffiti Artist Tags Parked Vehicles

snow calligrapher signature work

For years, this graffiti calligrapher has made his mark around New York City, but some of his best work is reserved for special (and somewhat unpredictable) occasions, relying on seasonal snowfall.

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Known for his interior and exterior calligraphic murals as well as his signature snow pieces, Faust notes that virtually “everyone has an affinity for writing in the snow as a child. When most people grow up they lose the urge. I guess I just haven’t been able to shake it.”

snow car front artwork

As with other forms of reverse graffiti, his snowy script is ultimately temporary and removes material that would be wiped and swiped away by brushes or wipers, thus leaving no lasting impact or damage.

snowgraffiti car windshield

snow front of car

Some of his messages speak to the season (of snows and ice) while others are simply signatures left on the hood, trunk, windshield or window of a car as a simple surprise to brighten the dark winter days of passers by.