42 Unusual Works of Geek, Temporary & Reverse Graffiti

As graffiti and technology evolve alongside one another more and more innovative street artists are mixing media to create radical hybrids of graffiti art, design and technology. Some employ high-tech equipment to project giant graffiti murals while others use it to enhance their street art stealth and portability. Some use tech less directly – as a source humorously geeky inspiration and subject matter.

Amongst the various developments in the world of urban street art reverse and temporary graffiti are two of the most exciting. Reverse graffiti involves the creation of patterns by selectively cleaning (as opposed to painting) surfaces. Temporary graffiti is there then gone, also leaving no trace in the end. What makes these two types particularly promising is that they are (at worst) less destructive or (at best) even legal in some locations. Click to learn more: