A Cookbook You Can Actually Cook… And Eat

Imagine reading a recipe, mixing up your ingredients, placing the recipe page in a pan with some tomato sauce and cheese, baking it and then consuming it with relish. It’s not a likely scenario unless you have pica, a disorder that causes people to eat non-food substances like paper – or you’ve gotten your hands onto ‘The Real Cookbook’ by Korefe.

Reminiscent of British artist Anna Garforth’s edible typography, which consists of cookies carefully cut into typographic works of art, the cookbook is made of sheets of fresh pasta printed with recipes in German. Each sheet is designed like a poster, both informative and beautiful to look at.

Once the recipe is put together, the sheet of pasta is placed on top, creating a classic lasagna.

The Real Cookbook was designed as a special project for a large publishing house, and is not available for sale, but if you’re crafty you could possibly DIY your own version with a large stamp and just-slightly-defrosted frozen sheets of pasta.