Knock On Wood, Then Drive It! 28 Crazy Wooden Creations

Doors, cabinets, and carving boards are the extent to which most people have wood in their homes. Who would ever think to use wood for anything as crazy as making a car? Or as a sculpting medium? These people are out there, and they do some amazing work.

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The variety of wood sculpted creations is mind boggling. From purses to futuristic tanks and weapons of war, wood must be one of the most unusual mediums for this type of work. These creations are far from the whittled figures one imagines when wooden sculpture is mentioned.

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The only thing crazier than creating a wooden automobile, is creating a wooden automobile that drives on land and water. These amphibious pieces of art would be a hell of a lot of fun to watch cruising across a lake.

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Lack metal fabrication skills? Find a tree and get to work! These motorcyclists have created working bikes just fine, out of the most green material available. It might be difficult to find replacement parts, but one can always whittle another one!

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When someone mentions furntiure made out of wood, it’s natural to assume they’re talking about a desk, or a cabinet, not a stand with a wooden cloth, or a soft-looking sofa chair made out of pine. Add to that wooden amps, a wooden kitchen table covered in wooden utensils and plates, and you have a truly fantastic setup.

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These clothes may look comfortable, but they definitely are not. These art pieces must have been truly difficult to create. Do not attempt to take these clothes of their hangars, or the artist will not be happy.

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Leave it to the Japanese! This wild vehicle was created with a futuristic sensibility. Riding in this car would be a great way to turn heads downtown.

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Some wooden cars look more fanciful than others, and this variety is well represented above. One can cruise in a truly gorgeous sports car, or chug along in a dinky homemade automobile.

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These classy cars have a beautiful finish, and are wonders to drive. Just be sure they’re not involved in a fender bender, as it would turn to matchsticks and be nearly impossible to fix.