15 Cool Hi-tech Spy Gadgets or Creepy Gifts for Stalkers?


Do you have someone for whom you need a present but would classify as naughty and not nice? Do they have a desire for gadgets to make them feel like James Bond? There are spy gadgets designed to go undetected, products that were once considered science fiction, but can be purchased without needing to be a part of an elite secret service or military branch. Some of these spy gadgets barely squeak by as legal. So if you have a spy or spyette on your shopping list, perhaps one of these 15 hi-tech spy gadgets would be perfect for them. Oh wait . . . as the list goes down, they get creepy enough to almost induce full blown paranoia. Maybe these spy gadgets would be the perfect creepy gifts for stalkers?



(image credits: Wicked Lasers,Wicked Lasers)

These are not toy lasers to play with indoors for your cat to chase around for your amusement. Wicked Lasers puts out two lasers straight out of some James Bond flick. On the left is the Elite Pro which has ridiculous burning power in such a tiny package. The military swears by it, using these tightly focused green beams like long distance matches for burning and melting. On the right is the Photonic Disruptor tactical laser. It was featured on Discovery Channel’s “Future Weapons”. Point the non-lethal versatile focused or unfocused beam towards potential threats at a distance and it will temporarily overwhelm a threat’s visual sense without causing permanent eye damage.

Bluetooth Spy


(image credits: esih,Brickhouse Security,Brickhouse Security)

Micro spy earphones like the upper left have been in circulation, but Brickhouse Security brings it to a new level. The invisible spy Micro Bluetooth headset goes deep into the ear and is so low that it cannot be seen. Although it requires no batteries, it would take a super-strong magnet to pull it from your ear canal. That takes care of sound spying but Brickhouse has another Bluetooth spy gadget to be your secret ear and eye in the sky. This average looking and fully functional Bluetooth headset is so much more with a pinhole camera hidden deep within. No one will suspect that your Bluetooth headset is actually capturing covert video surveillance with audio.

Lighter Spy


(image credits: Ajoka,ePathChina,varologic)

Lighters can be used to conduct secret video surveillance or are ideal for any covert operation where gathering evidence is important for you. Besides using these lighters for their obvious purpose of fire, you can leave it in your home or office to record everything that is happening while you are gone. Are you not the type to carry a refillable lighter but a disposable cheapo? These spy lighters come in all shapes, colors and sizes.

80,000 Volt Electric Briefcase


(image credits: Eurospy Shop,Ajoka)

If you are carrying around documents that cannot fall into enemy hands, or money or jewelry or anything vital to keep safe, then there are normal looking briefcases that can help you keep your valuables safe. Although they come in differing colors, all come with a remote control so you can shock the living daylights out of the thief. You can activate the screaming alarm by simply pushing a button on the remote control, but when you push a second button you will activate the electric shock alarm. Then the person who stole your suitcase will let go immediately! Nobody will be able to grab or take the suitcase without having the snot shocked out of them.

Cell Phone Spy


(image credits: Brickhouse Security, Eurospy Shop)

No matter what reason you come up with to need these cell phone spying devices, we are moving much closer into the realm of creepy stalker. The SIM card spy makes it possible to read deleted text messages and private data from any SIM card. Not enough James Bond for you? The bottom image is the world’s smallest, fully integrated GSM Listening Device. With an unlimited range, you can call from any phone and listen immediately to a conversation from anywhere in the world.

Tiniest Spy Cameras


(image credits: Spy Gadgets)

Micro cameras are getting smaller every day. The top right is the world’s smallest cam, a pinhole size CMOS camera which you can see size-wise sitting upon a dime. For another dimension of creepy spying, there are cameras in screw heads. There are also all various sizes of button cams.

Keylogger – Computer Spying


(image credits: Eurospy Shop, The Spy Store)

Yes, there are hundreds of software keylogger options. Anti-spyware vs. spyware, sooner or later most software keyloggers will be detected. For the ultimate in creepy computer spying, this keylogger plugs in and records all keystrokes. It uses no system resources and runs in the background. It stores everything typed on the keyboard and will suffer no data loss when unplugged. If this is for relationship spying, perhaps it’s time to seek counseling or get out. Believe it or not, it can get worse.

GPS Lingerie


(image credits: Gizmodo)

“Find Me If You Can” is the name of this lingerie with a pager-sized GPS device sewn into a bodice. For starters, unless you have some kinky thrills from it . . . run ladies if you find a GPS in your lingerie. Take it out first or else you can be tracked. In fact, if you don’t want to pull a Dirty Harry and point your gun at him to tell him to back off or make your day, then maybe you need your own covert spy/weapon gadgets like below.

For Ladies


(image credits: Made in China, Made in China Weapon Masters,Saftey Central)

Lipstick comes in all colors, glosses and now weaponry. Lipstick can be camouflaged as a stun gun, 350,000 volts worth of shock power if you need it for spying or for protection. The top left “lipstick” comes with a two-in-one function: Stun gun and LED Light. The top right “lipstick” packs 2 million volts! On the bottom left, these lipticks are actually knifes. If shanking someone is not to your liking, nor shocking someone senseless, then maybe wearing the ring would work for you. It’s not just jewelry as when you squeeze it, pepper spray squirts out from next to the stone. Whether you are a spy, want to feel a bit safe, or have some stalker putting GPS tracking in your lingerie, there are enough choices out there to suit most anyone.