Boutique Comic Shop Panel-Style Displays Pop Off the Page

Comics have come a long ways since the early days of Marvel and Detective Comics, but though tone, genres and superheroes in some cases have changed, one thing remains remarkably the same: the basic prototype format for laying out page.

Sure, it is distorted at times, broken open with artistic intention, but in this case it really comes to life in a new and different way, in the form of store displays both horizontally and vertically in this store called Tokyo’s Tokyo (you can guess where it is in Japan).

Plywood is layered up like pages while white recesses form slots and shelves for displaying merchandise – a fresh look far removed from the conventional white-boxed rows of graphic novels found at your corner comic shop.

And lest you think it will look less compelling with actual objects in place, you can see from the filled-in picture (below) just how well it works as items add dimension to the pages.

The result is dynamic, engaging, and turns a traditional shopping experience into a series of linear storylines, with colorful wares framed in white panes. It might not work for stocking a whole series worth of back issues, but it is a striking approach to showing off new books, novelties and accessories.