Stories Jump Out of the Pages with 3D Book Sculptures

Fiction favorites, from Gone with the Wind to Treasure Island, literally leap off the pages in three dimensions in Jodi Harvey-Brown’s imaginative book paper sculptures. Harvey-Brown illustrates figures from the stories, cuts them out and sets them on top of the open books among paper trees, waves, castles and dragons.

The top sculpture is from ‘Knight and Dragon’, a book from the Dragonlance series. Harvey-Brown wired the knight and dragon through the book for extra stability. Above, a ship rises from the waves in the book ‘Kidnapped.’

Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer relax on a raft in the Mississippi.

Bambi and his mother explore the peaceful meadow just before tragedy strikes in one of the book’s most poignant scenes.

Pirates are poised above a chest full of gold and jewels in Treasure Island. See more of Harvey-Brown’s book sculptures, many of which are for sale, at the artist’s website.