Lending a Hand: Selfie Arm Lets You Fake Your Friends

selfie arm 5

Never mind that given its skin tone, this arm-shaped selfie stick kind of makes it look like you’re dragging a corpse around. Mounting your cell phone onto the end of it to shamelessly selfie away in public places might make you look ridiculous to bystanders while you’re doing it, but at least in the finished photos, you appear to be having a great time with a living companion.

selfie arm 4

selfie arm 3

Artists Aric Snee and Justin Crowe collaborated on the ‘Selfie Arm,’ which is exactly what it sounds like. Poking fun at the self-photography phenomenon and examining the relationships between humans and technology, the device is thoroughly tongue-in-cheek. Ten limited edition, signed copies of the prototype will be made.

selfie arm 2

selfie arm 1

Lightweight and portable thanks to its fiberglass construction, the Selfie Arm also makes for a conversation-starting accessory if you walk around with it poking out of your bag, so maybe it can actually help you meet a human companion who will take photos for you – no fake severed limbs required.