Evol, Street Artist: Mini Buildings With Mighty Details

Evol is a Berlin based artist who is his own kind of urban planner. Like Russian dolls, Evol’s creations are a city within the city; he specializes in stenciling intricate building details onto surprising surfaces. Three dimensional balconies, windows, and mini graffiti create a realistic building facade in the middle of the sidewalk. Here is some of his coolest work:

Stenciled Creations

(Images via picasaweb, printeresting)

Evol uses complicated stencils to quickly tag powerboxes and other worn urban surfaces with the details of a true skyscraper. While the police might not agree with this public art project, they no doubt enjoy the end result.

Art Gallery Shows

(Images via brooklynstreetart, artoutthere)

Evol has been recognized by several highly regarded art galleries, and has showcased his work in shows. While seeing his creations sitting on a hardwood floor might not hold the same effect as stumbling upon them in the middle of a neighborhood street, it’s still damn impressive.

Isolated Showcases

(Images via ceciliahalling, onemoremusicfan, kunstlercast, bestofremodeling, kunstlercast)

The extensiveness of Evol’s work is typically limited by the surfaces he finds available, so most of his mini skyscrapers stand alone, gracing random street corners.

An Entire Cityscape

(Images via doobybrain, printeresting)

In some cases, Evol is able to work his magic across a larger area, creating a mini metropolis hidden on the roof of a building, or in the back of a random industrial building. One can only imagine what people think when they stumble on these beautiful works of art.