Tread Setters: 15 Wheely Cool Spare Tire Covers

Circular spare tire covers mounted on SUVs and Jeeps double as convenient creative canvases for drivers eager to take their particular passions on the road.

Spare tire covers are designed to take a lot of abuse, so investing one’s time, money and creativity towards designing a custom spare tire cover is definitely a labor of love. As long as the driver keeps it (both the cover and the message being expressed) clean, the payoff comes from the smiles and snapshots elicited from those following. Just don’t get hypnotized by some of the designs… “Inception”-style covers like the ones on the above Land Cruiser and Jeep have a way of pulling you in.

Speeding Spalding

Copyright issues aside, wouldn’t it be neat if the driver above bought his vehicle at Wilson Chrysler Jeep? Or if the driver was a dentist named Spalding? In any case, it’s safe to say the real star of the 2000 film Cast Away was Wilson, Tom Hanks’ character’s constant companion during his time on an island where a Jeep would have come in handy… a spare tire cover, not so much.


Just imagine being stuck in traffic behind THIS… road rage is nothing compared to street psychosis. To be fair, the driver probably gets the real deal at home and just wants to share the experience. Wonder where “Mr. Chiggers” is… most he’s likely staring out from the back of the driver’s spouse’s vehicle.

Cat-themed spare tire covers are rather plentiful but this one caught our eye… “Eat the Cat”? Not sure whether the driver is advertising a cookbook or an erotic bakery. Either way, the concept must have been unsuccessful as the advertised website has gone 404.

Bring Me Solo and a Humvee

Yikes! We don’t know what this is or how is was made… and frankly, we’re afraid to ask. At least it’s good to know spare tire covers are now being made from indestructible Carbonite.