Retro-Style Tech: 10 Modern Gadgets with a Nostalgic Look

philco pc

If you’re nostalgic for Walkman-equipped jogs, need a desktop computer that fits into a midcentury modern design scheme or just want to gaze lovingly at cassette tapes and reminisce while you’re working, these gadgets will scratch that itch while still providing all the functions you expect from contemporary technology.

CURVED/labs Macintosh-Inspired Computer

retro tech macintosh

This computer by CURVED/LAbs features the same sleek aluminum casing seen on the latest slimline Apple computers, but takes the aesthetics in the other direction – way back to the original Macintosh released in 1984. The computer mimics the original in looks, but features a 11.6-inch touchscreen, SD card slots, speakers, microphones and all of the other modern functions and accessories you’d expect.

Rotary iPhone Dock

retro tech rotary iphone dock

Cast in resin to perfectly replicate vintage rotary phones, this iPhone dock by iRetrofone on Etsy features a spot that fits various generations of iPhones just right. It’ll charge your phone, and the handset is actually usable, so you can pretend like it’s 1985 while chatting, even as you swipe at apps on your screen.

Audio Infuser Stereo & Record Player

retro tech audio infuser 2
retro tech audio infuser 1

It may look like it could be, but designer Todd Kumpf emphasizes of the Audio Infuser 4700 that it’s “not your grandpa’s stereo.” The exterior looks just like retro stereos with its stained wood and brushed aluminum, but in addition to playing records, it’s equipped with a Linux-driven Raspberri Pi that operates as the wifi receiver so the stereo can stream music wirelessly from any mobile device, laptop or desktop computer. It can even stream music from the record player out to other wifi enabled speakers.

Vintage Camera iPhone Dock

vintage camera iphone dock

Sometimes high-tech gadgets just don’t fit in with the aesthetics of your personal space. Anyone with a vintage flair in their interior design might like an iPhone charger that fits in with the decor on their bedside table, like the camera docks created by Etsy shop Laboratorio Altieri.

Gramaphone for iPhone

iphone gramaphone

Take it way back to the early 20th century with an iphone amplifier made to look just like an old gramophone, with a solid walnut dock. It’s available at Restoration Hardware.