Amazing Artwork: Banksy Versus Bristol Museum Exhibition


The legendary and mysterious artist, Banksy, has taken over the Bristol Museum for a stunning summer showing: Banksy vs. Bristol Museum. The exhibit opened on June 13, 2009 and ends on August 31, 2009. For those lucky enough to get there, admission to this unique exhibit is free.

Banksy has mixed more than 100 pieces of his own art into the museum’s existing collection. It is the largest showing of Banksy artwork ever and most of the artwork on display has never been shown before in the UK. Because Banksy doesn’t believe in copyright, visitors are welcome to take photos, and that is how we are able to share a glimpse of this exciting, one-of-a-kind event with you.

Welcome to Banksy vs. Bristol Museum

Banksy exhibit

Banksy vs Bristol Museum


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A notice at the Banksy vs. Bristol Museum introduces Banksy as a local graffiti artist and states that the museum does not condone illegal activities, regardless of the artistic outcome. This special showing of Banksy’s artwork was arranged through an independent agency and the museum staff had no direct contact or communication with the artist. Before Banksy took over the museum, some of the historic relics normally on display were removed and replaced with reproductions.

Banksy Animatronics





(images via: snappycat, dandini, Opal Fruits, Walt Jabsco, Canis Major)

Much of Banksy’s recent work features animatronics. Human and animal models and items we think of as food have been brought to life by the artist, some might argue a little too realistically. A bunny in front of a makeup mirror files her nails, fishsticks swim in a fishbowl, a hot dog cools off and chicken nuggets are hatched and feed on dipping sauce. These pieces are unforgettable, thought-provoking originals.

Humor, Satire and Irony






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Banksy is a master of finding humor and absurdities in everyday life. He often uses ironic bits of reality to create artwork that makes us smile. Banksy thinks outside the canvas, even when he chooses it as his medium. His artwork cannot be confined within rectangle boundaries.

Banksy’s Message






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Some pieces of Banksy artwork carry a clear message, while others are more subtle and subjective. Banksy often captivates by cleverly showcasing the absurdities and ironies of life and human existence. Often this type of art is thought provoking and leaves you to draw your own conclusions. A reminder that mom loves you no matter what is included in the exhibit, along with the messages that war hurts everyone, animals deserve to be treated humanely and we should all strive for peace and happiness.

Don’t Miss This Unique Banksy Showing



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Although Banksy art can be found around the world, this special installation at the Bristol Museum is the largest collection to date to appear under one roof. Many Banksy fans in the U.K. have already traveled great distances and waited hours in line for the opportunity to see this exhibit. Rave reviews are pouring in and if you have the means to get there, this summer art show is something you will likely never forget.