World’s First All-Electric Mobile Office Built Into a Nissan Van

Who wants to sit in a stale, noisy central office when they could take their job – not to mention the coffee maker – on the go instead? This Nissan vehicle houses the world’s first all-electric mobile office, and it’s more than just a fold-down desk in the back of a van. The whole enviable setup includes a panoramic glass roof, wood flooring with built-in LED lights, an intelligent system that adjusts the lighting and color, wireless mobile charging and an espresso machine that pops up out of the counter.

Devised to show off what the e-nv200 van can do, the mobile office concept spotlights changing workspace trends, especially as flexible and remote working becomes more widespread. Lots of workers are no longer chained to permanent desks anymore, with the freedom to do their jobs from any number of places.




Both of the side sliding doors on the e-nv200 can be opened, along with the split rear doors, to open up the office to the worker’s chosen surroundings. Drive the van to the park, a beach or any other spot that inspires you and helps you focus, pull out the floating deck at the rear and enjoy working conditions most of us can only dream about.


The fold-down desk console features a built-in touch screen computer, wireless mouse and keyboard along with storage space and stationery supplies, and there’s even a mount inside one of the rear doors for a folding Brompton bike if you want to take a break and get some exercise. Watch the video to take in all of the details.