Wikimedia: More Monthly Pageviews than People on Earth

Wikimedia Foundation Page Views and World Population

According to Wikizine, Wikimedia Foundation websites bring in an astonishing estimated 7 billion+ page views per month between Wikipedias and other Wikimedia pages. This means that for each of the 1.1 billion individuals on the planet who use the internet, Wikimedia sites get an average of five page views per month. It would also mean that there are more monthly page views than there are people on Earth.

Wikimedia and the Well-Known Wikipedia

Wikipedia, the most well-known Wikimedia site accounts for only a fraction of this traffic. Wikinews, Wikisources, Wikiquotes, Wiktionaries and 700+ other Wikimedia projects also contribute to this amazing page view statistic. If all of these were counted as one by Alexa, chances are the Wikimedia Foundation would outdo Wikipedia’s already incredibly high Alexa rank. In other words, if this series of sub-communities were to be treated as a whole it would likely constitute the largest and most visited online ‘world’ in the world!

The Uncyclopedia and The Onion

Of course, Wikipedia has spawned a number of interesting offshoot, knock-off and parody communities such as the Uncyclopedia, a content-free encyclopedia that anyone can edit with strange pages on a variety of subjects, real and fake. This site is somewhere between a spoof of Wikipedia and a take-off on fake news producers like The Onion. Of course the Uncyclopedia is one of a great number of official and unofficial Wikis on all kinds of subjects.