Car Pool: Converted Caravan Filled with Water to Create Mobile Swimming Unit

The ultimate mobile swimming experience, this gutted camper was carved out to create space for a classic blue pool liner, and secured to allow for folks to slosh around between stops (or possibly on the road, depending on local laws).

French artist Benedetto Bufalino removed the roof and got rid of interior furniture, then retrofit the frame to support a pool people — conveniently, the rear ladder for rooftop access now doubles as a means to access to cool water above.

The inventive artist is no stranger to manipulating motor vehicles, artistically flipping them into sculptures, or even turning them into pizza ovens (the pizza car, incidentally, would pair well with the mobile pool at a hot summer party, too).

For that project, he sliced windows of the old ford and removed its technical and internal components, like seats and wheels. a sort of shelf within the car interior was constructed and covered in an all-brick surface that could sustain high heats fueled by burning wood. Grab a slice and take a dip!