Submarine Suite: Private Luxury in Submersible Yacht Hotel

luxury underwater hotel

Nemo and his companions on the Nautilus would find themselves quite at home in this self-contained underwater retreat, complete with wraparound views and dubbed Lovers Deep.

luxury above the water

A project of Oliver’s Travels, the vessel can help the rich and famous sneak away from prying eyes, submerging itself then depositing its passengers on a remote romantic island, or simply treating its hidden guests to secret seafood dinners under the sea.

luxury submarine retreat underwater

luxury hotel deep ocean

The interior features a full kitchen, bar and living spaces with long horizontal windows to take in the scenery and wildlife. Chefs and concierges, located on the upper level but available on demand, can be provided as well to help customize the experience.

luxury submersible living room

luxury suite bathroom hall

However, unless you, like the eccentric protagonist of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, can offset the cost of your voyage via hidden stashes of wealth, you may have a hard time paying the $100,000+ per-night price tag this vessel demands.