Insanely Intricate Cut & Carved Eggshell Art by Franc Grom

It’s all too easy to accidentally poke a hole into an eggshell – but few people can do it in such a controlled way that it can be called art. Slovenian artist Franc Grom turns these incredibly delicate objects into diminutive, stunningly precise and detailed eggshell sculptures with a steady hand, a sharp eye and a tiny electric drill.

Grom can spend months on a single egg, patiently poking thousands upon thousands of holes into the fragile shell. Grom has created more than three hundred of these masterpieces, many of which have – of course – an Easter egg theme.

Inspired by traditional Slovenian designs, Grom’s work ranges from asymmetrical botanical motifs to cutouts that glow brilliantly when illuminated from the inside. In some works, the remaining bits of eggshell that connect one part of a design to another are little more than a millimeter wide.

(image credits:damnfunnypictures,ragandbone,

Growing up in a small village in Slovenia, Grom never considered turning his interest in art into a career. It wasn’t until he retired that he began a new life as a respected craftsman, discovering an unusual skill which has gained him no small amount of attention, putting the tiny town of Vrhinka on the map. You can’t find art like this anywhere else in the world, and Grom even has a thank-you letter on official White House stationary from pleased collector Bill Clinton.