Out Of This World! 33 Tattoos From Another Planet

Every science fiction understands the appeal of the cosmos; wide open spaces, gorgeous natural phenomena, aliens. Some of the coolest tattoos concentrate on the wonder of the cosmos, rockets, and ray guns.

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A retro sci fi look can add a fun element to one’s tattoo collection. Bright colors and playful, outdated sci fi concepts have experienced a resurgence in popularity.

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Space is full of incomprehensible natural forces and phenomena that make it a wonderful and dangerous place. Capturing the beauty of the swirling cosmos is not an easy task for a tattoo artist, but it appears some are more than up for the challenge.

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For the true geeky space fans, a real-world tattoo of the now defunct space program is a must. The space shuttle has never looked cooler than it does in these patriotic images.

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Science Fiction law mandates that all alien space babes have to be green. These ladies have a distinctive retro look and are a creative spin on the typical pin up girl.

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Rockets are the iconic symbol of space escape, and the ultimate image for sci fi fanboys (and girls). It’s no surprise that this is a popular tattoo. It’s a classic vision for anyone who had childhood dreams of space travel.

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Astronauts look like the height of technology in their super suits, until one realizes just how vulnerable they really are. These tattoos exemplify the cool collected Astronaut as well as the space marine who is facing more than he bargained for.

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The film Aliens brought the unfriendly alien life form into the popular imagination. Many people have awesome memories of being thrilled by these characters on screen, and decided to make them a permanent part of their personal image.

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Extraterrestrial life is out there, and if one really takes a hard look at the news, it’s obvious they’re here too. Why not pay homage to our creepy alien friends by adding their likeness to a growing collection of body art?

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The cosmos are beyond our comprehension, and some tattoo artists turn the unknown into a beautiful abstraction. This art evokes the emotion of a space voyage, without throwing in a rocket ship or gun-toting space marine.