Magnetic Notebook: Add, Remove & Reorganize All Kinds of Pages


Like a combination classic journal and digital text file, this physical notebook has a magnetic spine that allows you to pull out pages without ripping and add in fresh blank, lined or graph sheets as well.

magnetic paper types

Dubbed Rekonect, the product is designed to look like a traditional notebook with an elastic cover band, but comes with a variety of page types for sketching, writing, graphing or alternating between activities.

magnetic pen page holder

magnetic notebook

Book binding is left to the magnetic spine, which also doubles as a de facto pen or mechanical pencil holder (as long as your writing or drawing device contains some metal for the magnet to grab).

magnetic print to go

The project was inspired in part by the versatility of computer files and types, recognizing our increased assumption of flexibility when it comes to creative pursuits in the digital age. Printed pages can also be slotted into the book, letting you mix and match hand- and computer-based creations.