Small Worlds: Strange & Shocking Miniature City Scenes

surreal model architecture

There is no unifying theme to these surreal depictions of urban architecture and landscapes, save perhaps their imaginative improbability and singular creator, Frank Kunert, a German photographer and his bemused sense of wonder.

surreal crafted city scenes

Each is at once clearly a model yet quite lifelike, lovingly crafted, painted and photographed. Some show impossibilities seemingly for shock value alone, while others contain a subtle message – some commentary on politics, religion, television or other aspects of everyday life.

surreal architecture model images

The resulting scenes question function, accessibility and the role of architecture, exterior and interior design in shaping both public and private experience.

surreal structural montage scapes

It is also worth noting, too, that none of them are post-edited – they are created sans Photoshop and shot with an analog camera. The process and product are closely related, and each creative choice is made carefully by hand.