Rugged Luxury: Take Your Queen Bed On the Road In This Modern Camper

If your camping style is somewhere in between sleeping under the stars and ‘glamping’ with all the comforts of home, Track Trailer’s MK4 ‘Tvan’ camper has your number. Designed to be towed behind standard trucks and SUVs, it’s basically a hotel room on wheels, packing a queen-sized bed, two kitchen configurations, air conditioning and a quick-erect tent to multiply the available space.



The latest in a series of Tvan designs, this camper trailer enables the most rugged of adventurers to go deep into the wilderness, and it’s gotten a thumbs-up from explorers of Australia’s most punishing desert landscapes. The Tvan is manufactured in Melbourne and has been around since the early ’80s, and features MC2 suspension, a riveted steel and aluminum cabin body, hot-dipped galvanized chassis, and a rear folding platform for the tent, which stows away in its own compartment.




The slide-out kitchen offers a surprising number of features, including four burners, a sink, counter space and three storage drawers, and it all packs up tight for travel, remaining secure even when you’re driving over rocky terrain. There’s an integrated windshield that deploys simply by raising it into position so windy conditions don’t blow out the flames on the range.




The cabin itself is substantial enough to block out noise, sun, heat, cold and wind, and when the tent is in use, it secures to the hard fold-out floor, keeping it up off the ground. The rear hatch is assisted by gas struts to make it easy to open and close, and the whole thing is aerodynamic, making it easy to tow.