Graphic Design on Steroids: MurOne’s Murals Splash the Streets with Color

Whenever street artist MurOne comes to town, you know your city is about to get a whole lot brighter. Vivid, graphic and often surreal, his murals are an “acid mix of pop and design elements,” as he describes them himself, and often cover the facades of multi-story buildings for a dramatic effect. Most recently, he wrapped up a large-scale piece in Rabat, Morocco as part of the Jidar Street Art Festival, the colorful paint creating a stark contrast with the city’s muted landscape.

An illustrator and graphic designer, MurOne started painting walls back in 2002, and these days he’s out in the streets with a can of spray paint a lot more than indoors working on a computer. It’s not hard to see why. The artist has found his stride making a striking impact everywhere from New York City to Berlin, taking influence from masters like Salvador Dalí, M.C. Escher and Math Klarwein.

My psychedelic representation of the landscapes and textures that can be found on the Canary Islands,” says MurOne of the piece pictured below. “The sea, the volcanoes or ceramic sculptures are appearing into the faces of the local indigenous wich are called ‘guanches’ symbolizing the mysticism of an ancestral culture.”

“I don’t have a job and a stable life, but painting and giving life to places that don’t have any is very gratifying,” he told Brooklyn Street Art while working on a wall called ‘Video Games’ in September 2017 for the 12+1 project in Barcelona.

You can find lots more of MurOne’s recent projects at his Facebook and Instagram (@mur0ne).