Paintless Landscapes: Scenic Art Made of Light & Shadow

shadow art closeup two

A collection of unlikely (often discarded) objects coupled with a light source can create amazing city scenes, landscapes, portraits and more in the hands of this artist.

shadow art installation

Rashad Alakbarov hails from Azerbaijan and experiments with different materials and setups to turn three-dimensional trash into rich two-dimension displays of all shapes and sizes.

shadow art middle eastern

shadow art detail closeup

shadow art city scene

Some of these, including the top installation featured here, were on display last year at the Fly to Baku Contemporary Art Exhibition at the De Pury Gallery in London, UK.

shadow artist context setup

shadow art portrait sketch

A few pieces contain custom built-to-purpose shapes, like plastic versions of paper airplanes in the top example, while others simply draw on urban junk or everyday objects.

shadow art word wall

shadow art geometric design

There is something playful and informal about his approach. Alakbarov takes inspiration from items at hand to start crafting skylines or other scenes that unfold partly from his imagination, but also in part from the nature of the materials in each case.