In Praise of Art: Abandoned Church Colorfully Transformed by Okuda

okuda church

Abandoned and dilapidated not so long ago, a neglected church in Morocco has become a vivid landmark decorated from the ground to the roof with colorful geometric illustrations by the street artist Okuda San Miguel. The project ’11 Mirages to Freedom’ wraps the entire facade of the structure in brilliant rainbow-hued paintings against a sunny yellow backdrop, making symbolic visual use of the architectural elements like the windows.

okuda church 3

okuda church 12

okuda church 8

Rather than just covering the abandoned church with murals, the renowned Spanish artist created an interactive display honoring its past, its structural integrity, the beauty of its lines and shapes. The name of the piece comes from the building’s eleven faces. Bars covering the windows are transformed into bird cages, the windows themselves into hats and crowns.

okuda church 5

okuda church 6

okuda church 7

The murals are in keeping with Okuda’s highly distinctive style, which employs facets of bright colors to render a cornucopia of animals and fantasy creatures. Here, the artist adds traditional Moroccan motifs, paying tribute to the individuality of the building and its setting. The project is part of the British Council’s Street Art Caravane Initiative.

okuda churhc 9

okuda church 10

okuda church 11

okuda church 13

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