Graffiti to Go: Vibrant Murals on a Fleet of Freighters

street art freighters 1

The drive along Spain’s highways just got a lot more colorful for thousands of motorists lucky enough to glimpse one of ten semi-trucks decorated with murals by artists like Javier Arce, Okuda San Miguel, Daniel Muñoz and Marina Vargas. A total of 100 artworks are planned for the ‘Truck Art Project,’ a cultural program bringing vivid street art stylings to public places where they normally wouldn’t be seen. Entrepreneur and art collector Jaime olga, who owns the distribution company Palibex, organized the project in collaboration with Iam Gallery Madrid.

street art freighters 3

street art freighters 10

street art freighters 5

The coolest thing about this project is that the beauty isn’t just on the outside. While it would be great to see freight vehicles offer up their boring, unbranded flanks to artists all over the world as they go about their routes (somebody get on that!), this project takes the concept a step further by offering exhibitions inside, becoming mobile galleries bringing art to small towns and rural areas. That means it’s not just big city dwellers who get to experience it – exposure that could inspire a future generation of artists.

street art freighters 9

street art freighters 2

street art freighters 4

“The initiative thus becomes a living showcase of the latest trends in painting, drawing and street art in our country (although the ambitious program intends to show further multidisciplinary involving other techniques such as photography, music or film,) away from the white cube and destined to a receiver that is not the usual contemporary art in contexts that are also favorable.”

street art freighetters 7

street art freighters 8

street art freighters 6

Lots more pictures, and information about each individual artist, can be found at the Truck Art Project website.