Superstitions, Illustrated: A Calendar of Fallacious Thought

Even in a world of smart phones, high-speed trains, artificial intelligence and Mars exploration, many of us still bow to old superstitions. We avoid crossing under ladders, knock on wood, cross our fingers and worry about ‘jinxing’ things by speaking them aloud. Illustrator Fortuna Todisco features twelve of these superstitions in ‘Unfortunately013‘, a simple, modern calendar.

‘Fortune: Or other people’s bad luck,” reads the quote for March, beside an image of a rabbit with a peg leg. December proclaims, “Santa Claus doesn’t exist.”

The calendar was inspired by the common superstition that the ending of the ancient Mayan calendar, which is coming up in just a few short weeks, predicts the end of the world.

Todisco says, “UNFORTUNATELY013 is a reflection, through images, about the anachronistic persistence of superstitions in the present society.”