Star Gore: Simpsons vs. Star Wars Stop-Motion LEGO Battle

Star Gore Simpsons Lego 5

A million nerd fantasies come true with this bloody stop-motion fusion of Star Wars, The Simpsons and LEGOs entitled ‘Star Gore.‘ Reto Hochstrasser created an animated short that has Itchy and Scratchy battling it out in the Star Wars universe, with Yoda ultimately showing up to save the day. The scenes are epically bloody, fitting with the tradition of the Itchy & Scratchy Show, and the video opens with a re-creation of The Simpsons’ title sequence.

star gores simpsons lego 1

star gore simpsons lego 2

Hochstrasser reveals how he created Star Gore with a second behind-the-scenes video, painting sets and embedding them with LED lights before setting up the LEGOs. Fog machines add atmosphere while bowls of disturbingly realistic substances mimicking blood and entrails provide the necessary vomit factor.

Star Gore Simpsons Lego 3

Star Gore Simpsons Lego 4

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