Radiant Design: Tree Rings Spin Outward in Elemental Wood Dresser & Desk Set

Flowing out like the rings from the center of a tree, the veneers on this chest of drawers were carefully selected, perfected and oiled to create a remarkable effect.

The lightening of the wood as it pushes outward creates a compelling organic variant, and reinforces the impression that the whole piece was cut from a single tree. In reality, it was meticulously created using a combination of fumed oak, brown oak, oak, olive ash and ash.

Designer Edward Johnson says the inspiration was partly aesthetic, but also a nod to longevity — rings signify the passing of years, and his pieces are crafted to be durable as well. Small details, like a curved base and finger slots, play on the contrast of circular and rectilinear shapes.

Meanwhile, the “radiant desk takes on a sculptural asymmetrical design and is constructed from fumed and brown oak … veneers flow seamlessly from a semi-circular core that radiates out and down each side of the feature aerofoil shaped legs.”

The process can be painstaking. “Hundreds of thin strips of wood are cut in the workshop and joined back together using contrasting tones, resulting in sweeping lines and curves that envelop the furniture, bringing a soft, organic surface to the angular forms.”