Drenched by Design: Waterfall Hotel is Strangely Cool

In southern Chile, a waterfall erupts repeatedly and predictably from the top of a mountain, to the delight of the people sleeping, dining and relaxing inside that mountain. It is the Montaña Magica Lodge in the middle of Huilo Huilo nature reserve, and a stay there is a strange experience unlike any other.

(all images via: Huilo Huilo)

The hotel is built to look like a natural mountain, with boulder-like contours and plants growing up over the exterior walls. Unlike any mountain found in nature, however, this one is dotted with arched windows all along its several tiers.

At scheduled intervals, water gushes forth from the opening in the top of the mountain. It washes down over the sides, gushing over the windows and creating quite the lovely spectacle.

The lodge’s entrance can be accessed on one side by a long suspended bridge, giving visitors a stunning view of the surrounding nature preserve and providing the perfect exterior vantage point from which to watch the display of rushing water.

Inside, the rooms are decked out in natural wooden planks and rustic accents. The subdued beauty of the hotel’s interior reflects the peaceful natural setting in which the hotel sits – surrounded by incomparable sights and amazing experiences.