Exotic Green Getaway: Lush Villa Made of Local Materials

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Merging traditional Balinese visual flair with the openness of modern architecture, Alila Villas Uluwatu is a picturesque resort with individual villas connected by bridges over sparkling expanses of water. The hotel is set on a gently sloping hillside, and eschews typical high, pointed Bali-style roofs in order to maintain a democratic view of the sea. Made of locally sourced materials, the hotel and villa development aims to balance environmental responsibility with a sense of luxury.

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Located in Uluwatu on the Bukit Peninsula of Bali, Alila Villas has 50 hotel suites and 35 residential villas.  Rather than standing out in stark relief against the natural setting, like many other self-consciously tropical resorts in the area, Alila Villas follows the natural contours of the land.  The terraced, low-pitched roof of the main structure was made of Balinese volcanic pumice rock that can support the growth of ferns and other vegetation, mimicking the look of local hillside farms.

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Each of the hotel rooms faces the gardens, which are full of reflecting pools and native plants, making them feel as if they extend into the outdoor spaces. The villas are glass structures encased in slatted wood, which screens the sun and provides a bit of privacy. Each has its own pool with a cabana overlooking the ocean.

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The stone walls of the resort came directly from the site itself, and all other materials were sourced from either Bali or the neighboring island of Java. Sustainable materials, careful preservation of vegetation, rainwater collection, a greywater recycling system and large roof overhangs that provide natural cooling come together for an eco-friendly getaway that honors the local culture and history.