Games & More: 7 Best Fun Ways to Waste Time Online

From contextual photo searching tools to shooting cats out of cannons, this list has a little something for everyone. Consider this a Sunday break from our normally more in-depth articles and extensive image collections. Some are useful, some are silly, but it’s the weekend: sit back and relax.

Flicker Related Tag Browser

Flickr Related Tag Browser: This neat tool lets you surf Flickr in ‘tag space,’ which provides both interesting train-of-thought tangents and powerful search capabilities. Simply input an initial keyword or phrase and see a selection of results, or move to other related tags and continue your search.

Click Anywhere and Draw

Click Anywhere and Draw: It is remarkable how many different patterns you create create with this simple little tool. As you begin to draw the drawing rotates in 3D. Then, when you’re ready, you can put it into full spin and render very complex and delicate patterns out of raw sketch markings on the page.

Kitten Cannon

The Kitten Cannon: Somewhat sadistic to be sure, but a surprisingly complex series of things can happen to this cat along its journey – from trampolines to giant venus fly trap plants. It would be nice if there were at least some eventualities in which the kitten actually survived.

Bunny Bell Hop

Bunny Bell Hopping: Not sure about the Kitten Cannon? Fair enough. Though the game seems cute and innocent, it is fairly challenging keeping that bunny in the air. Once he has lift-off, the goal is to bounce him from bell to bell without missing a step.

You Are a Who Likes to

You Are a … Who Likes to: Spin the wheel and see what comes up, one result at a time. To be honest, this one gets old pretty fast, but is good for a laugh or two before you move on.

Keep the Carrot Away from the Rabbit

Crazy Rabbit: The direct interactivity and complex gestures built into the rabbit make this game of keep-away somehow surprisingly entertaining. Once the rabbit grabs your cursor it is hard to shake him loose. And once he is loose, he watches the cursor like a hawk until it comes close enough again.


Do Not Press This Button: This one has been floating around for a while, but it is truly addictive the first time around. It’s hard to not take the challenge over and over again as the red button shifts in size, taunts the user, multiplies and changes through each iteration.

Classic 80s Arcade Games

Classic 80’s Arcade Games: Did we say seven ways to waste time online? Well, consider this a bonus one then! If you can’t get enough of 2d originals, this is the site for you. Many of the game are available right online and the others are free to download. Instructions are displayed as the game is loading and there are lots to choose from, including Frogger, Asteroids and more.