3D Fashion Illustrations: Organic Textures Bring Runway Drawings to Life

Rivaling even the most surreal runway shows, these pencil-drawn, object-animated fashion illustrations use food and other found objects into cutting-edge apparel.

Amenian illustrator Edgar Artis starts with something simple: an illustrated figure that acts as an underlay. But things get strange quickly from there, as he drizzles on spaghetti and meatballs, sprinkles pencil shavings, or carefully arranges lettuce leaves to form dress patterns on top.

These mouth-watering works highlight the possibilities of ordinary colors, textures and patterns, like the fractal forms of fruits and vegetables or the organic diversity of trail mix.

Some are truly over the top, featuring entire entrees, like burgers, re-imagined as outfits (with an optional side of french fries). He says he was inspired after becoming “really tired of princess dresses,’ obsessively selling “beauty and perfection. I created a contemporary design which hides a beautiful message behind.”

“It reminds me of a caterpillar who is about to transform into a beautiful butterfly and fly,” says the designer. “Many people are afraid or shy of showing to everyone what they are capable of. Same situation was with me. Here is my advice, don’t ever ever be shy or afraid, open your beautiful world and show them who you are!”