Fairytale Photography: 50 Images With a Moody Narrative Style

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Each of these moody, dreamlike images feels like a moment from some larger story that remains a mystery to the viewer, forcing us to become active participants in the work by filling in the blanks. Whether working with props in a studio, using only analog film photography techniques or capturing incredible images with little more than an iPhone, these photographers lure us into an alternate reality with narrative images that leave us wanting more.

Aela Labbe

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Of all the gorgeous images French dancer and photographer Aela Labbe has created, perhaps the most striking are her portraits of children. “My family is another key that unlocks the world I have created through photography; my nephews, in particular, are the main protagonists of my photographs. It was thanks to them that childhood has become a recurrent and determinant theme in my work. It is based on a different vision that aims to show a darker side, and mystery, through unconventional representations of the early time of life,” she tells Feature Shoot.

Elena del Palacio

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Madrid-based photographer Elena del Palacio explores the relationship between women and nature in a series of photographs placing her subjects in vulnerable places and positions.

Courtney Brooke

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The specific magic that can only be found in the foggy hills and forests of New England is frozen in time within each striking image created by Western Massachusetts photographer Courtney Brooke, who is often armed with no more than an iPhone and an exceptionally keen eye for composition and mood. “I pull inspiration from photos taken in earlier dates and the rich history of my environment. I strive to create a visual moment that urges the viewer to question spirituality, the human experience and ones own connection to the universe.”

Katharina Jung

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At just twenty years old, German photographer Katharina Jung infuses her portraits with a heady sense of mystery and emotion. “I would describe my style as a mix of daydreams and fairytales,” she says. “The fascinate thing in photography is the way I can deal with my feelings and the way I can convert my daydreams into images. Photography allows me to create the world I would love to live in.”