Fairytale Photography: 50 Images With a Moody Narrative Style

Darla Teagarden

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Austin photographer Darla Teagarden creates a little world for each of her subjects, often painstakingly hand-constructing surreal scenes within the confines of her studio complete with painted backdrops and sculpted props. The self-taught photographer began her craft in 2007 after conceptualizing a shoot for her son with a local photographer and realizing she could pull it off herself. “I thought, this is just like all the nerdy theatre, window dressing and mixed media I’ve done over the years, just add camera!” she says in an interview with artist Christy Kane.

Jeen Na

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photogarphy jeen na 7

First gaining international recognition at just seventeen years old, photographer Jeen Na attempts to recreate his dreams through the lens of a camera, and this source of inspiration comes through most strongly in a series of double exposure images combinin portraits with cloud and cityscapes.

Laura Makabresku

photography laura makabresku 1

photography laura makabresku 2

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laura makabresku 5

Each little series by photographer Laura Makabresku is like still shots taken from a film, revealing just enough to pique the viewer’s curiosity and leave us wanting more, our minds filling in the blanks to complete the story. “Images that appear are more like feelings that come during a lecture of an old folk-based story – full of witchcrafts and retributions,” the Polish artist says of her work. “The structure of my works is similar to the structure of a dream where natural tendencies of collecting and organizing impulses and motivations coincide with irrational clashes of objects and feelings. Isolation and wounds are closed into patterns, uneasy and artificial orders – visual spells created in order to divide beastliness from humanity and dreams from horror.”