Wake Up! 28 Alarm Clocks Make Hitting Snooze More Fun

Wake up in style! There is a new generation of alarm clocks leagues ahead of the old transparent hunk of junk you still have from the 90’s. Kick it up a notch and try out the cutting edge of alarm clock technology.

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For the geeks out there who have run out of all the extra room in their house to express their zeal for geek, there’s probably still a spot on that nightstand that can be filled with an alarm clock Dalek or freestanding Darth Vader head. What could start one’s day better than a science fiction villain blaring “wake up”?

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Modern designs are becoming increasingly popular, and today’s designers are keeping pace. The unique pillow alarm clock design actually vibrates beneath your head to gently prod you awake, while the bracelets featured below do the same thing. Each person in bed can have it set for a different time, leaving the other undisturbed. Hitting snooze simply requires a snap of the wrist (and has to be more violently shaken each time – ensuring you get up).

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Lasers are cutting edge, and while a projection clock isn’t quite the laser gun of one’s dreams, it’s still pretty cool to have a replica R2-D2 helping you wake up in the morning. I use the term “cool” loosely.

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If getting up in the morning is simply impossible, it’s time to bring out the big guns. These creative alarm clocks shoot balls at you and howl until it’s been replaced, or they fire a twirling projectile, or even drive right off the nightstand and smash into every part of your room until you hunt it down.

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There’s a lot of room for creativity in alarm clock design, it’s just that most people are content with their horribly boring nightstand accessories. There are old fashioned alarm clocks that flip the numbers manually, and even older ones that look like torture machines. If one wants something cooler, try a clock that tilts entirely when you hit snooze.

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For those who are sick of blaring horns jarring them out of sleep, it’s time to consider a light solution. These good lucking alarm clocks become increasingly brighter, and pulse, to gently ease the sleeper into their day.

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Some people don’t want to spring around trying to catch their alarm clock, but do need something a bit tougher than the average alarm clock. Enter these incredibly loud beauties… they’re so loud it’s quite possible the neighbors will start groping for the snooze button. Really want to wake up a roommate? Toss in a sonic grenade that will go off until they insert the pin!

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Anyone with dreams of becoming a super spy can understand the appeal of these alarm clocks. They blare and make noise until they’re shot with a bullseye that only a half asleep marksman can achieve.