Fairytale Photography: 50 Images With a Moody Narrative Style

Alison Scarpulla

photography alison scarpulla 1

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phtoography alison scarpulla 3

Dreamy, often kaleidoscopic visions of light and color from photographer Alison Scarpulla seem like a glimpse into a hazy parallel world full of magic. Working mostly with analog techniques, the Ohio-based artist edits her negatives with acid and wine to achieve her unusual effects.

Elizabeth Gadd

photoraphy elizabeth gadd 2

photography elizabeth gadd 5

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photography elizabeth gadd 1

Vancouver, Canada provides the incredible jaw-dropping scenery for young photographer Elizabeth Gadd’s photos, but it is the artist herself who infuses them with such a sense of wonder, placing lone human subjects in each scene that feel like a stand-in for the viewer.

Oleg Oprisco

photography oleg oprisco 1

photography oleg oprisco 2

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Conceptual photographer Oleg Oprisco scours flea markets for interesting props for each of his surreal images, shooting only in medium-format film. “We live in exciting times,” the Ukrainian artist tells 500px of his inspiration. “Everything that happens in our lives is a unique source of inspiration. THere’s no sense in stealing someone else’s. Only the original is a unique creation. Be sure any artist of the 18th century, the 19th century is very jealous of us. We can live anywhere and create anything and show it to the world. Everything is in our hands.”