Manhole Cover Street Art That Is Far From Pedestrian

Fine art manhole covers. What? Yes, some artists have chosen a medium only a Ninja Turtle could love. Manhole cover and storm drain art is actually a great way to spice up an otherwise mundane, and let’s face it, gross aspect of the dirty city streets.

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A square drain is the perfect canvas for a powerful artistic vision. The number of pedestrians in a major city can make one of these sidewalk portraits surprisingly well-viewed.

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The variety of designs are incredible; from the simplest adjustments that turn a manhole cover into an old record album, to the intricate and gorgeous designs etched into the iron itself.

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Adding a little color to an otherwise drab urban street is one of a thousand reasons these are a good idea. There’s no doubt the sanitation workers appreciate a little bit of art sprinkled into their routine.

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Random poles and structures can provide the perfect complement to an artistic piece. It’s about time those random poles were put to good use!

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The subject matter varies, but the art is always unexpected, and in that way it holds power. When one literally stumbles onto an art piece, it is hard not to appreciate it.

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Never forget where these drains lead! These municipal workers have turned an environmentalist’s eye  towards their manhole covers.

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Manhole covers are a great way to celebrate the work of the city’s firefighters. Colorfully emblazoned covers can be found all over the place.

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Storm drains provide the perfect shape for the intrepid artist to incorporate the street into the canvas. Anthropomorphized storm drains may not appear in an art gallery any time soon, but they’ll certainly brighten one’s day!