The Modern Cyclist: 17 Minimalist Designer Bike Accessories

designer cycling vadolibero shelf

A lot of stuff made for cyclists, from rain gear to storage solutions at home, is just plain ugly. If you’re a discerning bike commuter with an eye for good design, you’ll appreciate these 17 stylish accessories that don’t sacrifice form for function, adding to a bike’s practicality in an aesthetically pleasing way.

Vadolibero Bike Butler + Shelf
designer cycling vado shelf 2

designer cycling vado shelf 3

designer cycling vado shelf 4

Store your bike in style with Vadolibero’s two multifunctional stands. The Bike Butler is billed as “an urban-chic version of the most efficient biker wall-pocket,” with slide-out trays, drawers, a space for keys and sunglasses and a couple hooks. Keep it in the hallway as a means of organizing the small items you normally throw on a table, and corral your bike at the same time. The Bike Shelf is essentially a stage for your bike, putting it on display with lights and everything, but it’s also a functional wardrobe packed with storage space.

Six Smart Cycling Accessories by ECAL

modern cycling ecal 1

modern cycling ecal 2

modern cycling ecal 3

modern cycling ecal 4

modern cycling ecal 5

modern cycling ecal 6

Students at Swiss art and design school ECAL came up with a line of clever biking accessories called ‘Savoir-Faire’ for Milan Design Week 2013. These detachable accessories and modifications either combine several functions in a single object, like the brake/horn on the handlebar, or add extra functions to make a bike more adaptable for everyday use, like snow chains and bottle carriers.

Sleek & Simple Cup Holder

designer cycling bookman cup holder

designer cycling bookman cup holder 2

This minimalist cup holder will help you tote your coffee across town, and consists of no more than two rings and a steel spring, requiring no screws or glue to hold it together. Flip the cup holder over to hold drinks of varying sizes.