The Modern Cyclist: 17 Minimalist Designer Bike Accessories

Ponytail Lights Make Riders More Visible

designer cycling ponytail lights

designer cycling ponytail lights 2

Designed for cities like Seoul where cyclists are riding in well-lit areas but could use some more visibility to motorists, these ‘Ponytail Lights’ are battery-powered LED beacons that simply loop around the handlebars or frame to draw attention from drivers.

Urbanized Cycling Shoe

designer cycling urbanized shoe 1

designer cycling urbanized shoe 2

designer cycling urbanized shoe 3

These specialized cycling shoes are made to keep riders’ feet dry while biking in the rain, but they’ve got a few other cool features. Pull down the waterproof ‘sleeve’ when it’s wet, or roll it back up to wear the shoes around town when you reach your destination. The shoes also features built-in LED lights and cleats for optimal pedal grip.

Monochromatic Reflective Cycling Jacket

designer cyclist reflective jacket

designer cyclist reflective jacket 2

Neon colors definitely enhance safety for cyclists riding at night, but they also scream ‘dorky bike jacket.’ This black-and-white design by Lunis makes the transition from practical activewear to passable fashion, and it fits into a compact pouch when you don’t need it.

Bikefast: Eat on the Go

modern cyclist tray 1

modern cyclist tray 2

Okay, so this one’s a little iffy depending on how you use it. If you were to really place a sandwich on the Bikefast tray and attempt to navigate traffic at any reasonable speed, it would probably fly right off the side, and then you’d be sad. But we can see this accessory being a nice thing to have for, say, a quick meal in the park when you’re not actively pedaling.