The Modern Cyclist: 17 Minimalist Designer Bike Accessories

Windproof and Waterproof Rain Dress

designer cycling raindress 2

designer cycling raindress 4

Designed especially for urban cyclists, ByBrown’s Raindress is made from a breathable membrane fabric that’s waterproof and windproof, with loops on the underside that fit around each leg to keep the whole body dry while seated.

Musguard Rollable Bike Fender

designer cycling musguard 1

designer cycling musguard 2

Avoid splattering mud all over yourself when biking in wet weather with a minimalist accessory that rolls away when it’s not in use. The Musguard by designer Jurij Lozic is a removable fender made of durable polypropylene that takes seconds to unfurl when it’s needed, and can be stored on the frame or in your pocket when it’s not.

Invisible Bike Helmet Deploys On Impact

modern cycling invisible helmet 1

modern cycling invisible helmet 2

Hate wearing helmets? Wear one that can’t be seen, and we’re not talking about going without and jokingly telling people your helmet is invisible. The Hövding helmet looks like a zip-up nylon collar but blows up upon impact like an airbag to protect your precious skull. A sensor system anticipates a crash in time to deploy the device.

Bent Basket Straps Down Cargo in Style

designer cycling bent basket

designer cycling bent basket 2

Secure that flowerpot, six-pack of beer or stack of books with nylon elastic straps within the gently curving surface of the Bent Basket. Easy to attach to either the front or rear of the bike, the basket is made of five layers of wood veneer.