Energy Pods to Ostrich Pillows: 15 Nap-Worthy Inventions

Napping Furniture Main

Everybody knows that there’s no better place to take a nap than a hammock hung in a scenic location, but what about when you’re stuck at home, or at the office, or on a city bus? Instead of making do with an upright chair, the hard surface of your desk or a stranger’s shoulder, try these 15 nap-worthy (and sometimes ridiculous) loungers, sleep suits and head-supporting pillows.

Energy Pod

Napping Furniture EnergyPod

Among the perks of working at Google is escaping every now and then to take a nap in one of these bizarre-looking EnergyPods, which cost about $8K each. Reclined at just the right angle for optimal blood flow throughout the body, the pod has a visor that flips down to envelop the user in a private, soundproof space, and it even has built-in Bose speakers if you’d like to drift off to music.

Vitrea Living Tower

Napping Furniture Vitrea 1

Napping Furniture Vitrea 2

This classic design, first introduced in 1969, is an organically shaped seating tower that allows you to recline in a variety of positions. The unit can be used alone – either freestanding or pushed up against a wall – or put together to create a sort of seating cave.

Human Burrito

Napping Furniture Blandito

Turn yourself into a human burrito with the Blandito, a transformable pad for lounging in virtually any position you can think of. The pad can be rolled, bunched and scrunched in all sorts of different ways. The idea was to make the simplest possible product – essentially a sofa with no arms, legs, back or any real structure whatsoever – as multi-purpose as it can be. That’s achieved with just a little bit of fabric, foam and some elastic connectors.

DIY Hammock Bed

Napping Furniture Hammock bed

A fun twist on the conventional hammock design, this DIY creation is simply some net strung across an open space leading from one level of an office to another. Would you be able to get any work done if this thing was installed right next to your desk?

FEEL Seating System

Napping Furniture Feel Seating System

Over 120 soft foam balls make up the ‘Feel Seating System‘, which can be bunched up in any number of configurations to reflect “the ever changing emotional state of the body.” Sit on it, lay on it, or wrap it around you like a cocoon.