Energy Pods to Ostrich Pillows: 15 Nap-Worthy Inventions

Napping Chair with Headrest

Napping Furniture Chair Headrest

If only airports had chairs like this, a whole lot of stranded travelers would sleep a lot easier. This simple design stretches the back of a conventional chair shape so that it curves around the user’s head, offering a padded place to rest.

Alphasphere Relaxation Furniture

Napping Furniture Alphasphere

This curving lounger isn’t just an ergonomic place to sneak in a bit of sleep – it incorporates an entire ‘relaxation experience’ with multi-sensory extras like color, lighting, sound, warmth and vibration.

Chair with an Integrated Blanket

Napping Furniture Integrated Blanket

There’s nothing cozier in the winter than a comfortable chair and a warm blanket. This design from Aga Brzostek combines them with a sweater-like knitted cover that fits over a foam-based chair, wrapping around the user and even offering pockets for magazines and books.

Transforming Nap Desk

Napping Furniture Transforming Desk

Many a sleepy office worker has eyed the space under their desks, wondering if they could get away with a sneaky nap without anyone noticing. If you had this transforming desk by Studio NL, that would be a lot easier – and more comfortable. The desk has a hidden bed with a foam pad and even a small television mounted on one side.