Ghost Architecture: Building Demolition Photo Composites

Philadelphia native Andrew Evans takes pictures that give a new perspective on the processes of urban deconstruction, showing before, during and after images of once-proud civic structures.

What really brings this haunting black-and-whites to life is that three-step aspect – not just the building being there and gone, with its surrounding context standing watch, but the short interstitial stays of demolition equipment, semi-demolished rooms and falling rubble along the way.

Prominent captures include: The National Building, destroyed to expand the Odd Fellows Temple, Pennsylvania Convention Center, the Pennsylvania Railroad power plant and the Philadelphia Convention Hall and Civic Center.

“Andrew Evans is an architect by training who is fascinated by construction and destruction alike. He is a lifelong Philadelphian and resides in southwest center city.” You can see more of his photos on Flickr. Side-note trivia: the destruction of Penn Station in New York City is part of what sparked the historic preservation movement in the United States – still, for better or for worse, many unique structures are still regularly demolished to this day.