Snoozeboxes: Mobile Container Hotels Travel by Truck & Rail

snoozebox trailer flat bed

Modular, stackable and robust, these cargo containers may not look like much on the outside but provide surprisingly refined accommodations inside and can be packed and shipped cheaply and easily around the world to meet different demand.

snoozebox modular system interior

snoozebox interior module design

Recently renovated, the newest Snoozebox models can be shipped by road, rail, air or sea, fully deployed within two days and configured in a variety of ways for festivals, remote events, emergency housing or perhaps even temporary cities of some other yet-to-be-imagined sort.

snoozebox shelves sofa door

snoozebox fashionable interior design

snoozebox new remodel version

Making them appealing for off-the-grid contexts as well, “each of the units require no mains service – no provision for electricity, water or sewerage is necessary. each room is climate controlled and features a wet room, double bed, flat screen TV, power sockets, free wi-fi and a safe.”

snoozebox wet room walls

snoozebox door room divider

These small-footprint shipping container modules allow for “two upper level units, each offering two bedrooms, can be placed on top of the lower level, accessed by stairs with a walkway leading to each dwelling. internally, each temporary residence has four stowed bunk beds, which can be readily and easily converted.”

snoozebox stairs and ramps

snoozebox interior space design

shipping container hotel design

The older models were a bit more bare-bones in terms of their cladding but still provide all of the essential basics, including flat-pack circulation structures and shade provisions for sunny and hot climates.